Tips on Staying Healthy with a Busy Schedule

May 1, 2017 in - 2 min read

Some of us really do not have time to exercise although we really want to. As you know, when you want to do something, you make time for it, right? Right. But scheduling for a work-out does not help if you are half dedicated and half not because you are busy or a lazy person. With me, combing my hair is enough exercising for the day. 

Then you get these 30-day workout plans telling you to do 25 seconds planks, 50 sit-ups and 35 squats a day. What? I moan and groan when my phone falls and I pick it up, so how could I do 3 sit-ups? 

Besides working out though, how can we ever resist food? Being a lazy and busy person myself, I feel like I qualify to give you ideas on how you can effortlessly exercise and eat healthy: 

  • Walk for 30 minutes once every 2 days. Use the Fitbit app which will calculate the distance you walked, steps you took and how many calories you burned. If you fear walking around with a phone then walk with a friend. Depending on how juicy your conversation is, you might just end up walking longer than planned and you will not even be aware of that. 


  • Choose 3 of your favorite songs from your playlist and dance throughout the songs. By ‘dance’ I don’t necessarily mean something serious. What matters is that you keep moving. Do jumps to the beat, slide, roll, swing your arms – just don’t stop moving. Take a minute break between your songs. If you pretend as though you are performing for a live audience, you will forget about the real reason as to why you are dancing and focus more on impressing your crowd. Not only will this method help you sweat, but it will also change your mood if you had a long day. (Be sure to do a curtsey when you are done). 


  • Drink water. A LOT of water! When you wake up, drink water and after a shower, drink water. Drinking a glass or 2 of water before every meal helps with digesting your food which means you will need to spend more intimate quality time with the toilet… which is good. 


  • When we get bored, we eat, right? Substitute your Doritos and Maynards with fruits – they are healthier than junk and much tastier too. I mean, the mere fact that they grow naturally should be a good enough reason for you to trust fruits with your health. They come with all sorts of vitamins and minerals. They do not say “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” for nothing. 
  • IMG_20170501_114004
  • Take multi-vitamins such as NovaVit Plus. No matter how busy or lazy you might be, you can never be too busy to swallow (a pill)! See all the benefits of it here.



  • seasonoffitness August 22, 2017 at

    Totally relatable. People don’t think busy and lazy are a thing but, it definitely is. Glad I’m not the only one! Great tips!

  • The Muscle Minute July 29, 2017 at

    Great and relevant read

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  • sarahlynnphodder July 26, 2017 at

    Great tips! I especially love the Just dance one! I also wrote a blog about it 😀

  • The Muscle Minute July 25, 2017 at

    So relatable!

  • jitendraraikwar43 July 24, 2017 at

    Thanks for this Nice Tips ……….

  • 3lionsindustries July 6, 2017 at

    Nice tips. My number one tip and turning point for me was simple – if you want it you absolutely can make time for it. Started waking up and hour or so earlier to get to the gym and it was one of the best choices I made. Its been years and I still get up around 4:30 5am at least 5 days a week and go. End of the day, if you want something – its not going to fall on your lap

  • JC May 28, 2017 at

    Thanks for visiting my site… jc

  • Mbalenhle May 24, 2017 at

    Thank you so much for reading☺

  • Alexi Harding May 24, 2017 at

    As an incredibly busy person myself, it can sometimes be incredibly challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is a great read!

  • Mbalenhle May 24, 2017 at

    I always tell myself to exercise every single day for at least 10min but I actually never do ☺. I use the Fitbit app and the Health and Fitness app to just calculate my steps. I also drink water but not so much 🙈. Haha. Thanks for reading 🌸

  • myhempnowonline May 23, 2017 at

    Spot on!!! I found an exercise I enjoy. I don’t want to life weights and my knee doesn’t allow me to run, but that wasn’t enough reason to give up. I use the app my fitness pal, it keeps me conscious of what I eat every day. By knowing that I do much better all day with my choices. Water too. I drink a lot from 5-9ish and the. A lot near the end of the day and before until I fall asleep. I need to drink more with meals, excellent point and for me it’s bad because I walk around tell everyone to drink more water…love what you wrote.

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  • mintyfreshie May 10, 2017 at

    Loved this post! Super helpful X

  • Mbalenhle May 10, 2017 at

    😂 Thanks for reading and good luck☺

  • Lungile Madlala May 10, 2017 at

    Oh My Gosh ! I’m so glad I read this. I’m going to try it shem!
    Thanks G

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  • Aayush Priyank May 8, 2017 at

    I’ve posted about fitness myself, though I don’t really think there are many people who are too busy for a half an hour workout. Most of them simply don’t want to go through the trouble. But then again, no pain no gain.
    Good post, BTW. Quite useful for people unwilling to hit the gym.

  • Tink the Belle May 6, 2017 at

    Good choices☺

  • lauzieslifestyle May 3, 2017 at

    Hey, just letting you know I have tagged you in the smile tag. No obligation to play along 🙂 x

    • Mbalenhle May 8, 2017 at

      Thank you so much! I will surely check it out 🙂

  • Jirah Merizz May 3, 2017 at

    This is such a good post!! I relate so much since I’m one of those lazy people who doesn’t do fitness exercises 😂

  • tsepotheview May 2, 2017 at

    I always make time to exercise because I understand how it is important to keep fit. People must stop cheating their own health…

    • Mbalenhle May 8, 2017 at

      Good for you Tsepo. Some of us are still struggling with committing ourselves, but we are working on it 🙂

      • tsepotheview May 8, 2017 at

        Enhle Just keep working on it until you find victory…

  • Colors of my life May 2, 2017 at

    Great and solid advice, I think it’s all our commitment towards it, whether we want to spend on medicines and trips to hospitals or take proper actions whether big or small.

    The main thing is to take action.

    You can spare 15 to 20 minutes to do complete workout. The results are awesome. If you are interested let me know.

    Thanks for liking my post, really appreciated.

    • Mbalenhle May 8, 2017 at

      Thank you. I totally agree that we should take action. 15-20min a day is doable and dedicating that time to exercise will be worth it.

  • lauzieslifestyle May 1, 2017 at

    Great tips. I always say the hardest thing is starting. This is a great reminder for me to even go and drink some water now! 🙂

  • theartofparentinginheels May 1, 2017 at

    Hahaha OMG i so relate
    Im so dedicated in my mind but action zilch nil thats soo me

    • Mbalenhle May 1, 2017 at

      Lol. Then surely these tips will help you just like they help me!

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