Medicinal Cannabis

January 14, 2017 in Articles, Motivational - 28 min read

I know… l could have just titled this article as ‘Weed’ or ‘Marijuana’ but you know what, maybe by the end of this article you will all understand why I chose to stick with ‘Medicinal Cannabis’ which to me are words doctors and scientists use to protect marijuana from all the stereotypes.

There has been an ongoing and never-ending fight regarding the legalization of ‘weed’ and for some odd reason I find the fact that it is illegal very strange. Something doesn’t add up – marijuana is a plant, it isn’t something that is manufactured and processed in factories. With that said, it is almost impossible to successfully enforce the illegalization of weed when it’s something that grows naturally. So what must happen now? Weed should stop growing?


If weed were to stop growing then it would make it that much easier for the authorities to go after anyone who tries to ‘make’ weed but since not much effect has to be put into growing your own, the illegalization of marijuana seems a little ridiculous to me. Having weed illegal would make sense if it were something that was manually produced but it isn’t any different to the vegetables that we grow in our gardens.

[Also, the word ‘Marijuana’ legit sounds like a name you’d give to a lady with soft skin and hair that smells like an Air-freshener. So harmless.]

Maybe this does happen out there but from my personal observations, the fact that individuals are high off weed has never been the cause of any physical fight, it brings peace within people. It’s role might just be to merely unite people. Marijuana has a great potential to restore humanity in the world.

The way I see it, it seems the topic of ‘marijuana’ is the most debated topic in the world. People who are fighting for marijuana have strong and understandable points as to why it should be legalized and why they smoke it and people who are against it have equally strong and understandable points as to why it should stay illegal and why they don’t see the point of smoking it like the rest. Me on the other hand, I’m on the fence. I see all the good about it and how people are so much friendlier when they have weed in their system but then again it has indirectly affected me and that has pushed me to not like it that much.

After reading the opinions/views of others, watching the videos and reading the articles that are yet to follow, you might feel the need to reconsider thinking that ‘Weed/Marijuana’ could’ve been an appropriate title for this blog. This drug is medicinal and I’m not talking about cancer and all of that, I’m talking about it healing the mind and the soul of individuals.

Whether we smoke weed or not, we all have something to about it because we are literally surrounded by people who smoke weed hence we can easily judge it by watching how people act and what they say when they are high. Plus, we are all aware that weed is a herb so there is a lot of controversy around it being a gift from God to us all. Parents normally have nothing good to say about weed but what they don’t realize is that this confuses their children because what their parents say to them about weed contradicts what they feel and experience when they are high.

With that said, I went on this mini hunt for people’s opinions on weed. I asked if they smoke it? Whether it matters to them or not that it is illegal? Should it be legalized and if so, on what terms? This is how it all went down (you might want to roll one for this)…


“Weed is the unsung hero of society. I feel like medicine itself needs marijuana – there are those qualities that is has, like the CBD which alleviate pain and stress and the THC which gives you your euphoric feeling. For me, I actually prefer not being high than being high. I like the actual smoking process, which is weird. I like the process of getting there. It’s like taking a plane – when you are about to light it up, that’s you taking off on the runway and then once you start feeling yourself getting high that’s where I would like the weed to stop – when I start to feel that I’m actually getting high. I want it to stop where it starts. That’s where I enjoy it the most because my mind is on hyper-drive then, I start noticing the sounds of my surroundings like the birds singing in the trees. When I’m high that’s when I overthink, it becomes a case of me second-guessing things that I say, so I guess environment is kind of important when you’re going to smoke weed. Make sure you smoke it around people you trust and people who won’t judge you.

The fact that it is illegal is a problem for me because for instance, my dad has told me that he doesn’t want me to have this contraband in his house, if anything happens he is responsible, I mean it’s his property so when it comes to things like that I have to think about how weed can affect the people around me. However, if weed is legalized I feel like there should be some rules and regulations – I think that if people has the privilege to smoke in public areas, people who didn’t smoke before would begin to smoke. Weed isn’t for everyone, we aren’t the same, I could smoke once and be cool and another person could smoke and they would feel like they need to smoke it again tomorrow and the day after tomorrow not understanding that although weed isn’t addictive you will want the feeling that you get when you are high.

My journey with weed started when I was 16. I didn’t know what to expect from the weed – we were by the railway and a train approached and just went on and and on and on and when I brought this to my cousin’s awareness we just started laughing. It wasn’t even two minutes but it felt like 30, then that’s when I realized that weed is amazing, it slows down time. There was a point where i used to smoke so much I totally forgot about my responsibilities and I feel like that’s where weed messes up a lot of people. You smoke and you forget… Not that you really forget, you choose to just be high and let’s be honest, when you are high you don’t function the same, you can’t be a grown up and that’s why I feel like you should smoke when you are done with your grown-up duties. Weed should come with those fine-printed terms and conditions – be able to discipline yourself, without discipline you will turn your life upside down and that’s where most of the young people go wrong. A person might know very well that they have to go attend a lecture but choose to smoke weed rather. God made the herb for a reason man.

I would say I’m sort of off weed right now, I’m taking a break but I know that if a situation pops up, I’m going to smoke but it’s not like back then when I used to crave it hence feel need to run to the dealer that moment. You know whats crazy though? When I’m about to smoke I would tell myself that I will smoke, relax, have some munchies and enjoy the TV shows and everything is going to be good. I smoke, smoke, smoke then two seconds later I’m like, “I got sh*t to do!” and that’s when i start doing my work. It’s like really crazy because originally you wanted to relax but you can’t really relax because deep down you know you have things to do. By the time I’m finished with what I was doing, I’m not high anymore.

I think the biggest flop about weed is that is does really change your physical appearance. I used to smoke every single day and I got skinny, my lips went black, my skin tone changed and not that I’m a person who cares much about physical looks but then it did affect me because I have younger people looking up to me like my little cousin and I thought to myself, my parents friends are also going to have something to say. That’s why I feel like you have to consider whether what you are doing will impact the people that love you.

There should be a limit as to how much weed a person should smoke. People shouldn’t be smoking weed in abundance, there shouldn’t be a weed marathon where a person would sit down and just smokes. For me, if I smoke one bong I’m alright – my mind is on hyper-drive, its going so fast I start thinking into the year 2020 but after the second bong everything slows down and then after that I just feel like my mind is about to switch off. We aren’t the same though, someone else might feel like the second one takes them where I get on the first hit. It’s all about how much you smoke, if you take someone who smoke 4 heads a week and you tell that person to smoke 1 head in 1 week I guarantee you that by the end of the week they will feel high as if they smoked the 4 heads and they will get higher than they do when they smoke 4 heads. Weed is something we will never understand and the thing I love the most about it is that it hits us all differently. You see what I’m saying right now can be contradicted by someone else but I’m open to their argument. If I could have it my way I would be smoking right now, I’d be high right now but I know that there are things stopping me, not just for my own interest but for the interest of others.”Zuko

“I smoke weed, I smoked since I was in Grade 10 – got introduced to it by a friend on my birthday, she was just like come through to my place and just chill out. I got there then she rolled a joint and we just smoked. Am I in love with weed? I don’t think we can take it that deep and say that I’m actually in love with it but I really really dig it you know. I think I’m always going to be a stoner, I smoke so much bra and most of my friends say I smoke too much and I don’t get high enough you know. But I love the sensation of being high, I start thinking more and I’ve never told any of my friends this but I think the music slows down when you are high. You can literally hear every component of the track – I can hear the beats, I can hear the instruments in the background. I’ve never told my friends that but honestly I think weed slows down the music for me, it slows it down so that I can put it in my own perspective and let ideas just rush into my head at the same time. I even go to class stoned, for the past 3 years of varsity I’ve been to class suuuuper super stoned and I’m doing my honours this year you know, graduated last year so I’m pretty proud of myself. I don’t think weed is a bad thing, I don’t think it affects you in any way. People say weed is bad for you and it does this and that – it makes you stupid, it makes you lazy. I think that’s all dependent on your character, weed brings out your utmost character. It brings out who you really are but in your most natural form you know. I have always been a hard worker and for me weed makes me think more and my brain works even harder when I’m stoned – I function more, in terms of mentality though not physically. I think more about things and I think that’s why I smoke.”Unknown

“Well I love this topic, it is an interesting topic, you can look at it in 2 ways, the good and the terms of it being legal I’ll remain neutral on that. The good side is that it can boost the country’s GDP, Weed is not too expensive and can be easily attained, it can help a person in losing weight, ease breathing problems. The bad side is that too much of it can be harmful to a person’s health, you can be addicted. A person’s life can be put into question”Sphesihle

“Lol it makes people happy it should be legalized”Juicey

“I don’t love or hate it.. I’m neutral, I understand why people do it.. its a nice feeling.. Lol it makes everything slow and everything is just extra funny😂 it doesn’t make you cry like alcohol.. it makes you a deep thinker lol you even think of things that are unthinkable when you are sober😂. Legal or not, if you want something you do whatever you want to get it, I feel like even if it were to be legal people would still smoke in private because they have gotten used to it.. Sh*t wait, whats my point?😂😂😂 Lol it doesn’t matter if its legal or not, people always do what they want to do irregardless of laws n rules or whatever.” – Awande

“I used to love it but I had to stop😅 but I felt super happy and thinking about good stuff when high😇, but legalizing marijuana no, I’d rather jump through hoops to get it, it’s fun🙈.” – Minenhle

“My experience with marijuana was totally weird, the only thing I felt was tired and lame.. I had no high feeling, maybe it wasn’t strong enough and no munchies nothing. I wouldn’t do it again, because it was just a testing/experiencing phase. Whether it’s legal or not doesn’t really matter because it ain’t going nowhere, it’s here to stay.” – Unknown

“Weed, nsango, kantini or marijuana whatever you call it theses days, it is probably the best thing that has ever been discovered by human. You see when it comes to this herb, some people like to smoke it and some like to eat it (dagga muffin) , well as for me, I liked everything that had weed in it, I’ll even make a weed sandwich… You see weed can make you think creatively, some walk in the exam room high as f*ck and gets straight A’s, and some will fail dismally lol, but the fact that it makes you laugh, can make your day. I’ve stopped smoking it though.” – Rason

“I can only talk about myself and not any other person because each person has a different experience with this substance. Okay let’s go.

I’m what you’d call an “experienced stoner”. Last year (2016), I smoked marijuana each and every day about 2/3 times a day, each time smoking 3 blunts shared amongst 7/8 people, myself included. This is not by any means exaggerated. So I think I have a valid opinion about this thing. You know what they always say about marijuana? “it’s not addictive, relax, just take a pull bro”.. well, I doubt that’s 100% true. There was a time when I thought I was smoking too much so I took to the internet and researched this thing. Apparently THC, a chemical in marijuana that’s responsible for the “high”, stores itself in your fat cells after smoking and it can stay in you for about a week to a month. When someone says “ey bro I’m craving some blunts. I need to smoke” it’s because the THC in their body is released into the blood stream and they experience a low degree of “highness” which makes them want to feel the full effect. So, this made me question this addiction theory stoners have. Anyways, that would happen to me and I started smoking more and more.
Health-wise, I don’t think anything is wrong with marijuana except for the fact that you lose some weight. For some people that’s a good thing and for some it isn’t. I lost some weight but it didn’t really make a difference because I was already skinny. Another thing I noticed is that I never fell sick last year, not even once, which was good but very strange. It could have been because of the weed, or maybe I’m just a f*cking God. Some time ago, I almost died from falling sick and this was only after I hadn’t been smoking for a month and some change. So I guess I’m not really a God but than again, was this because I haven’t been smoking? Only God knows😏.
Another thing that affects people is the strand they’re smoking. Most people don’t even know the difference. There’s 3 types of strands: Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis. Sativa hits your brain only (Good for working). Indica hits your brain and body (Good for Netflix and chill). I don’t know anything about Ruderalis. I smoked the first 2 A LOT, mostly Sativa because of music. The high was awesome. I felt high but I still had energy to work and do something productive. When I smoked Indica I often found myself wanting to cuddle with someone and just chill. I just didn’t want to work. Within these strands you get different sub-strands like skunks, chronics, hydros, diesels, rhinos, etc. Each is different and categorized into the 3 main strands. It’s really important that people know this because it could help them big time. You wouldn’t want to smoke indica while you still have to go to work, that will get you fired.

I think it should be legalized!✊ but people should really watch themselves when smoking because it could fuck up their lives in ways they won’t understand.” – Unknown

“Weed/Marijuana doesn’t bother me much because unlike most things it doesn’t cause much damage to the human body but it’s still very addictive which is why I have a problem with those close to me smoking it on the regular. Smoking weed for was more experimental, to see how it would make me feel, if I would get the same results I heard others where feeling. Things like laughing at nothing, hallucinating, the munchies, even actually getting high. And what do I get Sleep, sleep, sleep🙄 that is all I wanted to do every time I smoked, I don’t know if that was me actually being high or what, all I know is that it drained the life out of me, always tired and exhausted. What did I get out of it? Nothing. I just learnt that it affects us all in different ways. I believe for medical purposes it should be legalized but legal or not stoners are still gonna blaze💁.” – Unknown

“The downfall of weed is that it’s become a trend people want to get “lit” “and roll up the jets” and trends are seldom represented well . But as a reformed cigarette smoker to becoming weed smoker (yes whatever I just couldn’t stop smoking), it’s a medicinal herb and it does exactly that it medicates making you feel 100! The fact that’s illegal really doesn’t matter because it’s a thing and it’s become a habit for some and others for recreational benefits. The blunt shall forever be passed around. – Bongeka 

“I did learn to love weed. Even it’s smell. When I’m high, I feel like I’m under a waterfall, a soothing warm and sometimes cold waterfall that calms me down to the final stage of calming down. And it doesn’t matter to me that its illegal, because I don’t use it just to get high and be on cloud nine. As an individual who suffers from severe depression and anxiety, I’ve realized that being high is waaaay better than cutting. I’ve been cut-sober for two years now all because I was introduced to weed, when I’m high, I feel like a normal being – even though I laugh at stupid things. I find it’s better because I don’t think about blood and all that gory stuff.. Funny right? But that’s just it. And I think it should be legalized because not everyone uses it for illegal selling and buying and stuff like that. There’s also medical reasons attached to it.” – Zaya

“I don’t mind whether it’s illegal or not. I think people who smoke weed are cool… Sometimes. Don’t have a problem with them. I do think it would be fair if it was legalized as alcohol and cigarettes are. Which cause more harm to humans than weed. – Sphesihle

“I smoke the herb for two reasons: Meditation and relaxation. I know the two might seem the same but they aren’t. When I meditate, it allows the music, the realness of life and allows me to be conscious to thyself. And thus causing relaxation. And when I’m relaxed, I am aware and able. Able to think of thinking, scrutinize and even overthink. It gets a bit dangerous but I like it that way. I am able to intensify the real in the pictures I takes and the pieces I write. But I read more, which means I see more. And I can see how lady Afrika and its people desperately need to emancipate and liberate their minds. I could go on forever but if weed ever needed an ambassador I’d be more than glad to be one. To all my spliff burners, live on and don’t do it for recreation cos you’re just ruining it for all of us.” – Lulu onoXolo

“There’s a quote by Bob Marley which I love that says, “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself”. I know these Rastafarians that live by my house and I used to visit them a lot when I was in high school. When l went there I realized that they have different bibles and they quote things from all of them. So this man, he’s a nurse and he has kids and all they don’t live in a fancy house explained to me the rituals they perform. When they want to smoke, they have this little ceremony where they pray for their weed then smoke it. So from that alone, you can see that for them it’s different they appreciate it more while most people just smoke it for fun. By my house every 2nd house has people who smoke weed, it’s sold everywhere too.

I know the smell of weed quite well because people are always lighting it up – 4 year olds smoke it and 60 year olds smoke it. My brother smokes whoonga and my mother told him sometime ago that he was so much better when he smoked weed because he had a job but now he just steals. So I would say that weed in the townships is definitely different to how people feel about it in the suburban areas. Here, its like daily bread to the people – I have brothers here who smoke weed but still wake up in the morning and get ready for work, they don’t fall under the stereotype that “people who smoke weed are lazy and dumb”.

When it comes to what I think about weed I would have to say that I have nothing against it. You know, if you do a lot of research you will realize that there is a lot of conflict. People want it to be legal and other doctors say that it can reduce the spread of cancer so you can see that there are benefits from it. However, I think what makes a lot of people not like it they think of it as something that thugs just do because honestly if you have never done something yet you have an opinion about it and not willing to step out of your comfort zone to go deep into the topic and really try to understand it you will always have something bad to say about it. So for me, I really don’t have anything against it. I don’t know people here in the township who smoke weed and steal people’s possessions, i just know them for chilling together in the corners an running away from the cops when they come.”Unknown

“I’m 100 percent against weed, partly because I can hardly stand the smell but also the way people justify it. Weed given to cancer patients does not necessarily cure them but numbs and helps the patient deal with whatever they are going through. I don’t believe in the fact that they help with creativity either, I think the it’s just the hallucinations. Plus something that you are addicted to can’t reap good things.” – Vuyo

“Well I never really got enough time to really enjoy weed and get to say “weed is super nice, dope” you know all those kinda cool names people call it with but there was this little time I smoked it with my cousins. One cough that made my throat dry made me wanted to try a few more takes just to feel that ‘nice feeling’ people talk about. Well I kinda felt it. I liked that it made me hyper-active. If that’s how being high feels like, I wouldn’t mind being addicted to weed. It didn’t matter that it was, well still is illegal. It was like I was in my own world with no worries…I think I almost got addicted.
I think it should be legalized but people shouldn’t take too much of it, just like alcohol. If you had too much of it, then you shouldn’t drive…” – Ntando

“Weed for me isn’t a wow factor, if you were to come to me years ago and you would have told me this is a “drug” I would laughed at you for your insanity. So how do I feel about it? If God created it to be apart of this earth then cool, great who are we not to allow it breed on our soil, I’m embracing it. Secondly, I love the mini-high I get when I have it in my system, reason I say ‘mini’ is because I don’t know how to smoke it well so I don’t get that effect of it unless I eat it😂. When I’m high I become light-headed and can’t really contemplate what someone is saying to me. So that in a way is great, if you’re talking crap, only problem is I can’t always be high. Going back to it being God’s creation, he intended for it to be here. Our problem occurred when found out that you can smoke it and do all sorts of nonsense with it. It’s a plant, therefore it’s suppose to breed and stuff. It should be you used for the good of man, like aloe, it makes things smell nice. So it should not be treated as a crime because of our doing, I mean it’s used as a medicine isn’t that a great thing. So who are we to treat it as a crime.” – Unknown

“Yeah I blaze it, haha well I used to. When you’re high bra, its like.. you feel so good. But I never used to smoke it all the time, I used to smoke it when I’m stressed because it helped me a lot. Thing is, I never smoked it everyday because I know it kills your brain cells, everyone knows that. So I limited myself. It has it’s negatives such as, if you smoke too much of it it fries your brain cells then you end up going crazy and end up having schizophrenia. I have a few friends who have been through that and ended up in hospital because of weed. But it also has positives, it can cure a few diseases like cancer. The legalization of weed would do so much for the country’s economy.”Mpilonhle

“I wouldn’t say I love it. But I don’t hate it. I’ve only smoked it a couple of times. What I noticed is that my focus levels are high after smoking weed and I get really hungry. I believe it should be legalized but with certain regulations just like alcohol to prevent people from misuse that might be fatal. On top of “just getting high”, weed in it’s natural form can be used for many economically useful things if it were to be legalized.” – Sbusiso

“I personally love it, illegal as it is… I first started blazing in order to forget but instead it made me remember things my brain had chosen to wipe from my memory. When I realized that, my writing got better cause I could draw from experience.. So instead of blazing to forget I now blaze to remember.” – Portia

“I know it has amazing effects on some people but I think it’s dangerous in the wrong hands. I have a cousin who used to smoke it on the regular and her psychiatrist suspects it’s one of, if not, the most major contributing factors to her getting diagnosed with schizophrenia. The psychedelic trips she went through had a lifelong effect on her mind. Nowadays she takes psychotic medication to prevent her from being paranoid and hearing voices. I’m against it. Marijuana should be sanctioned.” – Unknown

“Before I started smoking weed, I absolutely haaateeed it. All my friends did was crush, roll and blaze in the morning at 8am. That’s how they started their day. Of course they’d offer but I always said “Naaah, I’m too good for that,” Until I tried it….

We couldn’t stop laughing. The best feeling about being high is that you’re laughing but you don’t know what you’re laughing at or you’re simply laughing because your friend is laughing. From that day, we started smoking everyday. Me included. For the whole of June 2015 I was high.

Mind you it was just a group of girls. Other people judged us but we were too high to even care. We would walk to the old taxi rank to buy the weed ourselves and we even had our own dealer. THE EXCITEMENT!! 😀💃.We didn’t even care where we smoked it, at the taxi rank or school.

One day we couldn’t get our dealer so one of the guys recommended a guy called “My Lord”. Okay cool we smoked the blunt 😑… We didn’t get high. Then we smoked the second one 😔. I thought I was loosing it. Couldn’t control myself, wanted to sit down and stand. I got soooo nervous that my cousin will see me since we went to the same school. I thought I was never gonna be normal again but was able to calm down only to find out it was just the paranoia that kicked in 😅.

The munchies 🙏. Food when you’re high is absolutely the BEST! We would walk to the nearest store, get wings, loaf of bread and a 2L soft-drink. We would absolutely murder the food!!

The only reason I stopped was because dad one day asked me for a lighter 😕. Yeap. That’s when I knew that he knew I was smoking. – Unknown

“I haven’t smoke weed in like a month now and it feels completely normal, I don’t feel like I need it or anything like that – this is just to confirm that it is not addictive. The feeling of being high is like no other – it is beautiful. Drugs give you hallucinations, weed make you focus. You know how a speaker speaks and a smoker smokes, a joker jokes and a roller rolls… When you are high, you actually feel your fingers fing!

I’ve actually proposed a theory: You know how weed is referred to as the “Tree of Wisdom/Knowledge”? The bible speaks of Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit from the tree of wisdom. But isn’t it funny that they do not tell us what the forbidden fruit is? Would I be wrong in concluding that weed IS the forbidden fruit? Remember, it was said that if they carried on eating from this tree they would have gained great wisdom and our brains were too small to take all that intelligence. But when we smoke we feel like doors of our minds have been opened.” – Lindokuhle

“I don’t like it. I feel the need not to like it when I smoke it. I don’t care that it is illegal and I want it to stay illegal. It shouldn’t be legalized because it’s bad for people’s lungs.”Nothile

“Well this weed/marijuana issue to me is crazy, like every drug, it’s starts of being taken socially and gradually people get hooked to the shit! People need to realize life’s not a movie, the stuff we see on TV is blown waaay out of proportion, and just like ecstasy, it’s shown as nice and fun but it does have effects. Yes, I have smoked it and yes it was fun but with regards to it being legalized, listen some things are just best left illegal, makes it more fun to have. Like alcohol, you can do it every now and then but like we need to be reasonable!!!

Also, can these kids from the suburbs stop making weed seem cool! Like please✋.” – Unknown

“Weed is good, people have their own opinions about it, some call it a drug but to me it’s not. I think it’s fine, the fact that’s it’s illegal makes it fun I guess I can say, weed is healthy. It doesn’t cause any damage to the body accept for the fun sensation it gives a person. I don’t smoke it 24/7 like others but I like the sensation.” – Xolani

“Marijuana.. I remember back in the days when weed used to be a big no-no!! I remember back in the 5th grade when I was brainwashed that if you smoke weed you will get skinny, have bad breath, yellow teeth, ugly hands and worst of all a damaged useless brain. To save myself from being a air-head I promised myself that that I will most definitely no going to touch marijuana. Fast forward to 8 years later, freshman in college. Ta-daa! What do you know, someone is doing something they promised themselves they wouldn’t do.. My first attempt to smoke was pulling a joint of weed.. epic fail. Right there and there I have forgotten a rule I’ve set for myself. But what I can say is that I’m happy that no person pressured me into trying it. By the end of 2016 (lots of laughs) weed is something else. At this point I could say I’m a “pro” at this. Generally my friends and I only hit the weed for entertainment. That is when most of our inside jokes come from. I remember this other time we start picturing ourselves as cookies being baked in the oven. In our sober minds you wouldn’t find us even talking about a cookie crumble. Weed elevates. Creates an unbreakable bond with the mates. Weed is fun.” – Cookie Monster

“Wooh weeed🙌😉..I love weed. I feel like I’m the only person living.. I feel totally free. Not caring about anything.. I’m happy.. Smiling from ear to ear. Yes, it does matter that it’s illegal.. And it should be legalized because the world would be so much better 😉 should be legalized as just as a herb that could be smoked just like any cigar.” – Luthando

“I don’t love weed, nor do I have anything against it but when it becomes and everyday thing then that’s a problem because then that means it’s not different from a cigarette. People use the highness feeling as an excuse to make it a habit. It changes most people phyically too. I guess it depends on which kind you smoke but either way I don’t advise it to be legalised, as much as scientists say that it helps medically. I feel like it should only be given to those who need it but I just don’t see the need for everyone else to just smoke it.” – Unknown

“Well I don’t love it nor hate it. I smoke it, yes but not as much as i use to. When I’m high, it’s amazing. It’s really calming sometimes but also it’s extremely fcked up because I start trippin’ and laughing at dumb sht. And it’s lit as fck. I honestly don’t give a rats dck if it’s legal or not because no matter what, weed smokers are still going to smoke it regardless of the law. It’s like that saying, “Rules are made to be broken” sometimes bent. Lol. Plus its literally a herb it ain’t man-made so it shouldn’t be considered a drug – it’s like spinach and stuff. I bet if we dried it up and lit it, the government would make it illegal but since spinash is legal weed should be legal too. Let’s sell it in the supermarkets and the government would make a lump sum of cash because no matter the price and tax, people are still going to buy that sh*t. Happy Plant 🚬😂.” – Zama

“I have been smoking marijuana since grade 8 (I’m 21 now). As someone who “suffers” from anxiety I find marijuana to be the natural alternative to pharmaceuticals. I self medicate. I am a very sensitive being with a sensitive soul and I have a mind that works overtime so some things tend to affect more than they would others . When I smoke I can calm myself down, it helps me see things a bit more rationally. In the sense of recreation, I believe that some things at just better done high. Like watching the sky, in the morning when the sun rises, in the evening when the sun sets and at night when the stars come out to play or when they’re over shadowed by the ever changing clouds. And one thing I’ve realized is you will never have the same experience twice when you smoke, each time is different and that’s the difference. In case you didn’t deduce from that mesage that i completely and utterly want marijuana to be legal then that’s on you 😂. I’m not to picky about strains as long as they arent swaz, I enjoy higher grade 🙂 indoor preferably but outdoor is most welcome 😂 but my favorite strain is definitely Jack Herer (indoor,hybrid : sativa and indica) :).” – Justine

“Weed enables the brain to breathe and float on the clouds with ease. Weed helps with Creativity and helps with your Telepathy, it should be legalized but not abused. Two blunts a day would be enough and give you the ability to fly away. Bare in mind, its all up in the mind so just chill and smoke weed and let it give your brain the ability to BREATHE . 😂😂😂 I’m actually high, so sorry if it makes no sense. I’m in the Creative Industry hey, so weed does the Job. – Unknown

“I love weed. I smoke it. Dude, like, it just chills you out. You feel good, life is good when you are high bra. I wont lie, I wont lie you get paranoid. Yeah, that’s like the downside of it but other than that it’s pretty awesome. I don’t think it should be legalized though, my honest opinion is that if it’s legalized its gonna f*ck up a lot of lives because you see once you start it bra, you are hooked. Yeah but some people are lucky enough not to get hooked on it you see. But other than that dude, it shouldn’t be legalized.”Unknown

“I am scared of it. I think it makes people forget their problems but it doesn’t actually solve their problems – they will still think about them when they are sober again. On the other hand, my cousin used to smoke weed a lot and he was one of the smartest people at his school. He used to say that weed opens up his mind so I guess weed is good and bad.”Mom

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