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September 15, 2019 in Marketing - 3 min read

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”


Welcome to my ‘new’ website! I put new in inverted commas because everything is completely fresh but I still have all my articles from the day I started blogging which I don’t intend on deleting because they are still relevant, relatable and they are part of the growth of Budding Regardless. We (my site and I) have been growing consistently over the last 3 years and this time around, we have gone up a notch – we have upgraded from a regular blog to a business website, I had been contemplating and preparing myself for this moment since the end of 2018. Confidence and courage found its way into my soul and I finally made the move and here we are today, relaunching Budding Regardless.

What’s new + Why the upgrade

I decided to upgrade and run Budding Regardless as a formal website because I want to start getting into business. Now what I mean by this is that I will be collaborating with brands, merging my degree (media studies + digital arts) into my content and steadily building up my portfolio. I upgraded from the Premium plan on WordPress to the Business plan and in the long run, it will all be worth it because of the extensive features that the plan offers. Here’s what’s new on Budding Regardless:


Purchased a new theme from CreativeMarket and altered it to my liking.

Branding Removed

There is no longer any WordPress branding on the website.


New plugins have been installed which extend the website’s functionality.


Every month a newsletter will be released (see below for more info)

What you should expect from now on

Content isn’t going to change drastically; however, I will be posting more articles relating to marketing. I have also created another YouTube channel which will mainly revolve around travel and possibly tutorials too. Every 3 months until I believe my site has reached its full potential, a new website feature, business project or campaign will be announced. This month I am introducing my monthly Newsletter which will be released on the last Sunday of every month – the first newsletter will be sent out on the 29thof September

These newsletters will sum up monthly business updates, upcoming projects, personal life lessons and my secrets on how I do and succeed in particular things. This was inspired by the number of people who ask me how-to questions, personal questions and ones about my travels too. Be sure not to miss out on this month’s scoop by subscribing to the newsletter (check top-bar) and you have the choice to unsubscribe whenever you wish to.

Thank you all for the undying love and support which has led me here today and thank you for joining me as I relaunch Budding Regardless. Be the first to subscribe to my newsletter and stick around for more fun, helpful content.

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  • LivingOutLoud September 29, 2019 at

    Congratulations on this new upgrade! I always enjoy reading your posts.

    <3 Alana

    • Mbalenhle October 1, 2019 at

      Thank you so much Alana 🤗 it really makes me happy to hear that 💕

  • David Harris September 26, 2019 at

    Congratulations on the new website

  • MissKymmiee September 15, 2019 at

    Thank you for the continuous dose of inspiration.

    • Mbalenhle September 15, 2019 at

      And thank you so so so much for the love and support, it doesn’t go unnoticed! 🤗💕

  • astoldbyali September 15, 2019 at

    Love this! Definitely looking forward to more. I’ve also been thinking about upgrading from premium to the business plan.

    • Mbalenhle September 15, 2019 at

      Aww sis, thank you so much for this!🤗
      Yeah I thought about making the move for a good 10 months so take your time, whatever you choose to do will be the best choice anyway 💕

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