After a long time learning and failing, I finally managed to create my own presets which all, in a sense, represent me and my lifestyle. 

All 6 of my presets are now available on my Shop from as little as $5.75. These presets can be used to enhance your photos and if you are also a lover of aesthetics, then these presets were created for you in mind.

Lightroom CC has become much popular over the last couple of years purely because it has given influencers, brands and photographers the ability to completely change the mood of their images and encourage audiences to engage with their content by drawing them in with their presets. Presets are filters/edits that are created from scratch in Lightroom. Now you might be wondering what’s the big deal about Lightroom and the presets that you can create so I will give you a brief explanation why.

With Lightroom, you can manipulate your pictures in ways you could never manage to with other apps and the best part about the mobile app is that it is absolutely FREE. This app allows you to change the colors of your environment and your clothes, you can simply change the color of your orange sweater to a yellow or red and your denim jeans to a darker or lighter shade using the Color Mix option under the Color slider. When you are satisfied with how you edited your picture, you can save the edit as a Preset and apply it to all your pictures without having to repeat the same process all over again.



For this preset, all I wanted was light! Bright light, I told myself. The kind of light you see on website and blogger’s featured pictures that make you want to click on the link to read more. I wanted the kind of light you see on travel pictures on the internet that make you want to book that flight and take a trip to somewhere new. I wanted something sort of hypnotizing – light that calls for action, the ‘look at me and listen to what I say’ type of action. I wanted people to want to live loud.

• Perfect for bloggers and content creators of all sorts. The brightness of this preset gives images the spotlight they deserve.


On a random day, I found myself thoroughly scrolling through my Instagram feed, I then felt a rush of creativity and wanted a challenge. I wanted to create a preset for a niche that I am not quite focused on – fashion. When I thought of fashion, I tried to associate it with a color and the only color I could think of that moment was Brown. Then I asked myself, ‘What lifestyle would I associate fashion to?’ and I just immediately thought of Minimalism and that’s all I needed to create this preset.

• Created for fashion bloggers/lovers and minimalists who love trying out new things and experimenting.


Every second of every day, I find myself daydreaming – I daydream about days that have passed and I daydream about days I wish would come. I make up stories in my head, I play it all out. Sometimes, I write it down when a creative story plays, sometimes I merely fantasize to pass time hence I end up forgetting about that story. Every time I do daydream, my dreams are always in the same grainy ‘film’ and when I made this preset, I wanted to have that same effect for all the storytellers and dreamers.

• Created for the daydreamers and storytellers. The soft tones and grain effect give images a vintage look and a sense of reminisce.


This was created during the summer of ’19 – I lived my best Hot Girl Summer! Skies were always blue, friends were more than few, the beach was my morning and afternoon go-to place and the rooftop bars of Manhattan would be the only place to be at night. This preset brings out all the summer and fun and will keep you wanting to explore more.

• Made for sunny days, fun outdoor activities and all the moments spent with friends.


It was 32ºC/89ºF in The Bahamas and there I was, laying down on the hostel’s bunk bed editing the pictures I had been taking there the last 3 days. My intentions with this preset were to express warmth and a sense of comfort because that was what I was feeling physically and emotionally. I also took into consideration that Autumn/Fall was coming up in a few weeks and thought about the golden orange the leaves change to and that’s it, that’s all I wanted to have – warmth and comfort which is related to the Fall season.

• This preset’s sole purpose is to give warmth to images and viewers. With the Highlights set low and Exposure boosted a little, images tend to have a glow that is subtle but effective.


I created this preset using pictures I took when I was at the New York City Pride parade and wanted to reflect my experience plus all the emotions I felt that day. I hadn’t seen so many happy and carefree people all in one place at once, it was contagious, it was beautiful and it reminded me to always take pride in what I do and who I am and I wish to extend that reminder to you too.

• For travelers, lovers of life and life of the party. It was also created for content creators who want a neat + attention-grabbing look for their images.


STEP 1 | Go to the Menu bar and click on ‘Shop‘ or click here
STEP 2 | Click on the preset that you would like to buy
STEP 3 | Click on the purple ‘ADD TO CART’ button
STEP 4 | The page will reload and the button ‘VIEW CART’ will appear, click on it
STEP 5 | Your cart will appear with your product, scroll down and click on ‘PROCEED TO CHECKOUT
STEP 6 | Fill in your billing details and click on ‘PROCEED TO PAYPAL’ (you do not have to have a PayPal account for this)
STEP 7 | Once you are redirected to PayPal, fill in your details under ‘PAYPAL GUEST CHECKOUT’ (unless you already have a PayPal account), when you have completed that, click on ‘PAY NOW’ and you are all set!

Ready to make your purchase?


Considering that these are digital products, there will be no refunds for any of the purchases made. Do not expect the presets to work on all of your pictures – depending on the lighting or environment where your picture was taken, you will need to make minor adjustments using the Lightroom sliders. These presets do not come with a file that automatically adds the preset onto Lightroom, you will receive a document showing you how to create it which will also include information on applying and saving the preset and how to make changes to your pictures using Lightroom – everything will be detailed for your convenience.