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August 31, 2019 in Marketing - 3 min read

I just came back from yet another solo trip but for me, this one in particular was the biggest and the absolute best. I mean, I can’t even think of a better place to end summer than vacationing on an island and not just any island, I’m talking about The Bahamas. Also, random fact, but did you know that The Bahamas actually starts with ‘The’… the country’s name is ‘The Bahamas’ not ‘Bahamas’. Cool, right?

I spent 5 days in Nassau which is one of the 700 (yes, 700) islands of The Bahamas and I didn’t know how badly I needed that break; it was honestly good for my mental health. If you know me then you know how much I absolutely love Airbnb, so yes, you guessed it, I spend all my 4 nights in a home I found on Airbnb and how much did I spend on that? Only $181/R2 772. For 4 nights. In The Bahamas. No joke.


This Airbnb is located right on the beach, so you get to fall asleep and wake up to the sound of waves softly crashing on the shore. It’s also right next to Sandyport beach and just one bus ride away from Nirvana beach. As if that’s not enough water to swim in, there are 2 swimming pools on the premises too. There are receptionists available 24/7 if you need assistance with something or having problems which is a huge plus because inconveniences can happen anytime.

If you don’t spend half your time swimming on the beach or one of the swimming pools, then you probably will be reading or sunbathing on the countless beach chairs they have. The Airbnb also boasts various activities to do on-site; you could go kayaking for $15 an hour, rent some snorkeling gear for only $5 for 3 hours, you could even rent a jet-ski for $80 for 40min or do what everyone goes to The Bahamas for – swim with the pigs for $40 for 45min (they are the cutest little creatures).

On this Airbnb, you can find dorm rooms and single rooms too, but whichever you choose, you still getting value for your money. I guess it depends on who you are with and what you are there for but if you are a solo traveler like me, then a dorm will work best for you too. I booked a female dorm with 18 beds, only 7 were occupied while I was there and 18 beds does sound like a lot but there was plenty of space for us to maneuver around and there were curtains too on some beds which gave you some privacy.

There were only 2 toilets and 2 showers in the bathroom and when I first saw that I sarcastically thought wow, how realistic but I soon learnt that it was pretty realistic because we all sort of hang around the home all day so there was no need for us to wake up and shower immediately, we all showered in different times.

Another good thing is that you could step out of the Airbnb and in a few minutes a bus would arrive which you could take to go downtown or to the other beaches. The only downside with this Airbnb is that WiFi was only accessible from the reception area and barely functional anywhere else which was a bit annoying because on one of the nights I had to get up at 11pm and go outside all the way to the reception to respond to an important message.

Nonetheless, this did not ruin my experience. Instead, it helped me connect witj other solo travelers who were there. So now my question to you is, why haven’t you made plans to go to the Bahamas yet? Also, there are many countries that do not need a VISA to enter the country (South Africa and USA are one of them) so there’s honestly nothing stopping you from booking that flight and treating yourself.

You know what you get for reading until the end? A treat from me and Airbnb – use my referral link to book your first trip with Airbnb and get 15% off.  Now I really don’t know what more you need to convince you to start making some travel plans and if you are going to The Bahamas, consider checking out BahaSea Backpackers and feel free to share your experience with me.

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  • officialosi September 4, 2019 at

    This looks real nice!

  • Ash September 3, 2019 at

    I really loved living through your stories and posts while you were in the Bahamas. The pictures are absolutely dreamy and I’m so glad you had a great time!

  • Chocoviv September 2, 2019 at

    Lovely photos!

  • Cherylene August 31, 2019 at

    Thank you for sharing!😊 I totally appreciated and enjoyed your pics. A getaway from it all to catch some rest and relaxation is definitely a plan.

    • Mbalenhle September 2, 2019 at

      Thank you so much for stopping by Cherylene, I hope this inspired people to really get out there and spoil themselves 😊

      • Cherylene September 3, 2019 at

        I was definitely inspired. 😊 Thank you!

  • SpiritualJourney17 August 31, 2019 at

    I love the islands! Great way to treat yourself.

    • Mbalenhle September 2, 2019 at

      They are absolutely beautiful. It breaks my heart though that some of them are currently being affected by hurricane Dorian 💔

  • TadraLife August 30, 2019 at

    Absolutely Beautiful!!

  • SimpleSerenity August 30, 2019 at

    I enjoyed your Insta stories and photos from Bahamas, you had such a beautiful and fun trip. Airbnb is beautiful, such a simple, but cosy place, xx

    • Mbalenhle September 2, 2019 at

      Thank you sis, I am glad you enjoyed them. I had such a relaxing time there. Yes, the Bahamas is so so beautiful and I hope that those affected by hurricane Dorian recover soon 💕

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