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February 21, 2018 in - 4 min read

A Peaceful Oasis

A couple of months ago my friend of 11 years and I decided to actually do something together in February because it is our birth month, also we are both 21 this year. Big deal hey? Since we aren’t party freaks we figured we should go on a mini getaway, and so we did…

We spent the weekend between our birthdays at Ascot Bush Lodge and judging from the images we saw on the internet, we just knew we wouldn’t have to pack extra outfits because this lodge makes you feel at home. You can use Bagail’s genuine leather handbag for this kind of trip because it can perfectly fit all the necessary items for a night out while simultaneously being a fancy handbag to show off with. It has slim, strong straps which are adjustable according to your mood for the day and/or the weight of your luggage. What’s cool is that you can get it with a 10% discount using the coupon code ‘BAGAIL90’!


After packing, Amanda and I were ready for Ascot Bush Lodge…

This lodge is in an area where there are plenty other lodges and inns, however, the moment you enter the main gate, you go on a long trip to the reception which then makes you forget where you are and you start feeling like you are entering a new world. The lawn is well maintained making it possible for you to set up a picnic anywhere and enjoy the peace.

You know what I found absolutely fascinating about Ascot Bush Lodge? How the outdoor areas and every room – bar, dining, reception and the bedroom itself does not beg for attention, instead, you are the one who gives it attention especially if you are a person who is into places with character. Ascot Bush Lodge is so interestingly detailed – there is something captivating literally everywhere you look, from the records glued onto the walls of the pool table area to the signs and posters on the bar walls to the huge metallic motorbike at the entrance of the bar to the various vintage objects randomly placed all around the dining room to the designated smoking area to the interesting outdoor sitting area with Mlabalaba drawn on the tables. You basically can’t help but look around with glowing eyes as if the walls and objects are made of candy.


The staff at Ascot Bush Lodge have such a natural welcoming aura, they are friendly and funny and they literally let you do as you please – just when you thought you weren’t allowed to write on the walls to leave your mark, they give you a pen and tell you that you are more than welcome to do so! Super cool people, they actually trick you into thinking they are family, that’s how comfortable you feel around them.

One of the cool features of this lodge is that you can be transported to your room via the golf cart, the reason why they offer golf cart assistance is because the rooms are so apart from each other and there’s either a steep hill for you to climb or a long distance to walk to your room. The moment you enter your room, you immediately feel relaxed and at home. The colours in the rooms are warm and the lights are slightly dim, romantic kind of dim though.


All the rooms of Ascot Bush Lodge have thatched roofs. Our room had the view of the huge pond and the room itself was incredibly huge, which gave my friend and I the idea to set dinner on the floor. There was a special open wardrobe on one of the sides of the octagon room, a fridge, hairdryer, kettle, coffee sachets and mugs, air conditioner, a flat screen TV and a fire extinguisher. The bathroom was a bit dated nonetheless it is still functional and what really makes up for it looking old is the hand wash, conditioning shampoo and the shower wash which smelt so heavenly.

We completely underestimated the shower head that seemed as though it just lets out drops due to the size of it but, wow, you can literally turn the whole bathroom into a sauna instantly because of how perfectly the water gushes out. Another thing I loved about this place is that we could play our music quite loud because the neighbouring guests were bushes away from us. What was pretty funny was when we had to duck and jump over frogs at night as we headed to the bar to play pool, haha like I said, our room was by the pond.

Overall, our experience at Ascot Bush Lodge was absolutely amazing. The only downside is that the lodge did not have a swimming pool, but then again, this place seems to cater more for adults and couples. If you are looking for place where you can be one with nature and find inner peace, Ascot Bush Lodge is legit the best place to be.







  • bournemouthgirl March 15, 2018 at

    That place looks so cosy! Love the nature shots too. Beautiful surroundings!

  • Masha February 26, 2018 at

    What a great way to celebrate your 21st birthday. Happy Birthday!!! to you and your best friend. Looks like you had a fabulous time, and BTW I love that bag.

    • Mbalenhle February 28, 2018 at

      Thank you so much Masha, it was incredibly fun, we were laughing non-stop 😅💖. I’m glad you love the bag, useful for luggage and to be used on a daily bases as a handbag 🌼


  • robertcday February 23, 2018 at

    Place looks perfect! Love your photographs and the picture you paint is sublime. I get the impression that you are so full of enthusiasm about life generally that you would still love it if all you did was spend a wet weekend in the shed at the end of your auntie’s neighbour’s garden. Love your attitude to life – keep it up, Mbalenhle. 🙂
    Kindness – Robert.

    • Mbalenhle February 23, 2018 at

      Your comment has got me so happy Robert🙌, I actually believe that I would’ve enjoyed myself literally anywhere and any condition. Thank you so so so much for this 🌼. Much appreciated

      • robertcday February 26, 2018 at

        You’re very welcome, Mbalenhle. 🙂

  • mycountryepoque February 21, 2018 at

    beautiful place, tranquil and peace of mind!

  • mburablog February 21, 2018 at

    i love the nature around it. It look like a quiet peaceful place, am glad you enjoyed!

  • migueltio February 20, 2018 at

    What a wonderful time!! Loved your write up on it!! Hugs!!

  • Joan Akob February 20, 2018 at

    It’s actually my first time reading your blog from my laptop. I usually use my phone :). So I’m seeing your layout for the first time. I love the minimalist vibe! secondly, I love the outdoors so much and have been wondering where to go for holidays this year. So if not Drakensburg, then it’ll be this!!!

    • Mbalenhle February 21, 2018 at

      Thank you so much Joan, I absolutely love simplicity that’s why I went for this theme 🙌. Drakensburg also has pretty cool places hey but you should totally consider going to Ascot Bush Lodge 🌼

  • Deshi Nenkinan Nehemiah February 20, 2018 at

    I see you went all the way to celebrate your new age! Glad you enjoyed the lodge

    • Mbalenhle February 21, 2018 at

      I had to Deshi😊. Thanks so much 🌼

  • MissKymmiee February 20, 2018 at

    This is Gorgeous!! OMFG!! and they way you captured it all, I really felt I was there. *Goes to Ascot Bush out of my Bucket List*

    • Mbalenhle February 21, 2018 at

      Haha. Thank you Kymmiee, it was really so fun 🙌! I hope you go there too 💖

  • Pink February 20, 2018 at

    Looks lovely!

  • randomthoughtsbyhaya February 20, 2018 at

    This seems to be the perfect place for a mini vacation!

    • Mbalenhle February 21, 2018 at

      It is absolutely perfect 🙌💖

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