A List of People to Always Impress 

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I put together a nice list of people that you absolutely need to impress at all times and here it is:

A List of People to Always Impress

1. Yourself

Uhh yeah, I am just as disappointed in myself as you are because you were probably hoping I would give you a full-on list on people that you need to please all the time. Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of more people worth your time, energy and money besides your own damn self.

Let me tell you something, you need to start flexing on yourself as if you are trying to win yourself over. I need you to go all out for yourself hey – dedicate as much time as possible to hanging out with yourself, dedicate your energy to going on fun excursions all by yourself and dedicate most of your money on buying yourself every little silly thing you claim you need.

Listen, as odd as it may be, the truth is that there are always people who are constantly trying to figure out where you are, who you are with and what you are doing but instead of taking that as an advantage to impress them, confuse them so much and don’t let them figure you out.

Be on a journey to self-discovery. Introduce yourself to yourself, speak highly of yourself when you do – the goal is to impress. Figure out what you are into and what your definition of fun is. If ‘fun’ to you means something as simple as curling up and reading books then be so unnecessarily extra and buy yourself 20 books (if that’s not extra enough for you then wow wrap them up as a gift) – the ultimate goal is to impress.

A guaranteed way to impress someone is by making them try something new. You know what you haven’t tried out yet so make it your priority to make it happen. Document your fun activities, share them and/or keep them in a folder. Focus on consistently impressing yourself, loving yourself, checking up on yourself – focus on you until the focus is on you. Go ahead and put your self-love game on steroids!


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  • Oh, girl !! I can’t agree more. I learnt it hard way but it’s the ultimate weapon.
    Superb wow amazing.
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    Greetings & Regards from India.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by. I’m glad you agree too 🍃.

      On my way to your blog now 😊

      • Thank you so so much for visiting following and liking my work dear
        It really meant a lot.
        And really seeing your blogs your command over words and your execution of thoughts
        It is so overwhelming that a writer like you liked my work.
        💕💕💕💕 thanks once again

  • This is amazing and just the point that everyone needs to understand.

  • Saydee at

    Im back here. Mainly because I just wrote a post about being ‘wonderfully complex.” We try so hard to change ourselves to impress others that we forget who we are and what we stand for.

  • Haha, look after #1 … trouble is, I never fall for my own flattery!

  • Kate at

    To be honest, I clicked on this with full skepticism like “Okay…? Who should I impress?” But it turned out as inspiring as it is! Lovely post! 🙂

    xx Kate | https://allthetrinkets.wordpress.com

    • Haha tricky hey😄. I’m glad you enjoyed it Kate 💖

  • LOve, LOVE, love this!

    • 🙌I’m super glad you do. Thank you Kelley🌼

  • Note taken

  • Veronica M. at

    This post was great, thank you!!! ❤

    • I’m glad you liked it ☺ and thank you too 💖

  • 😂😂😂😂I trust you Mbalenhle thanks for this!

    • 😄There you go, that’s the right way. Haha. Thank you too 😁🙌

  • I love this. 😊


  • Ms. L at

    The best advice ever!

  • Girl I am living for this post!! xx

  • Girl this post is beyond true! It’s so true that not even Pinocchio would be able to lie about it! We have to like ourselves and do it for us. Not for a guy, friend, frenemy or family etc. And if any are watching and checking, it simply means that we are entertaining! 🙂 xx

    • Haha. As for that last sentence though 😄🔥🔥! Let them watch! We are on the road to liking ourselves more and spoiling ourselves. Only we know what we have gone through and/or going through so we really need to start being kind to ourselves 🙌💖

  • PS at

    Nice!! I couln’t agree more..

  • So perfectly said!

  • Nosi at

    Ok, this was beautifully written!!! Thank you!!!!

  • Loved this post! Definitely a message we must always remember – we must always be kind to ourselves and treat us as we would a best friend or a significant other 🙂

    • Yuup🙌! That’s true. We need to put that much effort in ourselves too. I’m glad you loved this post 💖🍃

  • This is a great post, I honestly thought I was going to find a list. Thank you for sharing

    • Haha. I spent hours thinking of more people to impress and this is all I could come up with 😄. And thank you too for reading 💖

  • Great post! Too often we leave ourselves unhappy in an effort to please others. Focus, time and love needs to be invested in reminding ourselves that we’re important too. Thank you for sharing. Hope all is well. You’ve been missed.😊

    • That is what I had noticed too🙆, we tend to neglect ourselves and focus more on other’s happiness 💔. You are so right, we are also important hence we need to love ourselves more 🙌💖.

      All is well on my side Cherylene although I’ve been so overwhelmed with personal stuff – nothing bad has been happening though🌼. Hope you’ve been holding up just fine too hun 💖

      • Glad you’re okay. All is well with me. Thank God. Keep praying and trusting God to see you through. Big hug. 😊

  • Yaaaas honey!💁🏻‍♀️
    I couldn’t have said it better! You hit the nail on the head with this post!🙌🏻 When I read your title of this post, I thought. “Hun, there isn’t anyone else to impress, but yourself. So what are you saying?” And then I read YOURSELF!

    I am going to print this and glue it into my journal, and always go back to it when I need reminding!👌🏼💛

    • 😂Imagine me writing a misleading post! I could never do that to yall 😄💖! Always looking out for yall 😁! Haha. I’m glad you enjoyed it my G 🙌

      And you’ll print this?😢 That would really make me happy and it’ll be a great reminder to yourself whenever you read it again🌼💖

  • This is so true!

  • I was like… wait what 😄

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