6 Habits to Develop to Reach Your Goals This Decade

January 20, 2020 in - 4 min read

When you think back to 10 years ago, it all feels like just yesterday. Everything we experienced still feels fresh because 10 years is actually pretty short, although when you think about planning for 10 years’ time, it seems a bit too farfetched and somewhat ridiculous because a lot can happen in a decade and this distracts us from the fact that it is quite a short period.

This new decade will possibly be the decade we pursue permenant jobs in our field, start our own businesses, get married, start our own little families, buy our first houses and travel. It is the decade where we will all feel some sort of pressure to get our lives together and be jolly all the time. However, if we choose to not be so hard on ourselves when it comes to reaching our goals, a prosperous decade is all we are bound to have. If you are hoping to live comfortably in this decade, develop these habits and keep reminding yourself that ‘easy does it’:


Your fear of rejection is holding you back from seizing what is yours. Forget about what you are qualified for and focus on what you actually can do. Email that big company you want to work with even though you think you don’t stand a chance with them, you never know when your lucky day will be. Be brave enough to get what you want by all means possible.


In the midst of working hard to reach our goals, we unconsciously neglect our mental health. Have self-care days and weeks – pamper yourself, go outside for a walk, chill at the beach the whole day, take a warm bath, stay in the bed the whole day watching movies, play video games or spontaneously book a trip to somewhere new. Whatever it is that you decide to do on that day or week, make sure it is something that will keep your mind off work and/or what has been stressing you lately.


If you think you can make it in life without people, you are mistaken. One of the most important factors in life is humbling yourself, drop the ‘I don’t need anyone’ mindset and start making connections with relevant people who can help you achieve your goals. Listen, you do need people but what you shouldn’t do is depend on them because once you do then you will struggle with ever having control of your life. If you know someone can help you reach your goals, genuinely befriend them and keep them around for as long as you can.


Trust me, there’s always going to be people who are way ahead of you in life – people who are younger than you, your age and older than you. Always! Here’s what you need to do though, do not compare yourself to them or wish for their lives because you have no idea what struggles they have faced or currently facing because of their success. Be nice to yourself, remind yourself that you are doing the best that you can, with all that you have. Remind yourself of where you come from and where you want to be and let that motivate you to keep moving. Enjoy all the obstacles and little wins because they are part of the journey.


Depending on how big the overall goal is, you will need to set ‘sub-goals’. So for instance, if your ultimate goal is to have 10 000 YouTube views in a year, then establish monthly goals for yourself such as ‘Find new ways to engage with audience’, ‘Learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)’ and small weekly goals such as ‘Upload a new video and promote it on social media’. Having weekly or monthly goals keeps you focused on your main goal, helps you improve and gain relevant skills.


Check up on yourself and how far you’ve come. Analyze your methods – pinpoint what has been working out for you and what hasn’t. Make sure you keep track of all your progress by writing it down on a journal/notebook. Come up with new ways of doing things and do be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Reflecting on your progress is also good way to stay motivated and reminding yourself that you are a step closer to your dreams.

Reaching our goals is a matter of trail-and-error, nothing is promised to work out on the first try, if it does, you are lucky. There will be highs and there will be lows, learn to appreciate both of them equally. Make sure that this decade you do what you love and do not settle for anything that does not correlate with what you have visualized for yourself. Manifestation can only work if you keep your eye on the prize, work hard for what you want and being grateful for the little accomplishments that you make and those around you who are keeping you sane.

There will be highs and there will be lows, learn to appreciate both of them equally

Speak things into existence and you will have a fruitful decade. Focus on focusing on one thing at a time, don’t rush yourself nor be harsh on yourself. One day at a time soldier. Take care of yourself and go get what is yours.

HAPPY 2020

That’s it for now,


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  • The Wild Coach May 27, 2020 at

    Great ideas. Thanks for sharing

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    Aaahhhhh this is exactly what I need to hear today. Thank you for giving me a little boost of motivation when I needed it xx

    • Mbalenhle January 24, 2020 at

      I’m glad I could help☺ Thank you for stopping by ✨

  • Amaefuleprecious January 20, 2020 at

    Thank you for this post❤ it meant everything

    • Mbalenhle January 22, 2020 at

      And thank you for stopping by, have a great year 🤗✨

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    Ahhh I needed this!! thank you sis

    • Mbalenhle January 22, 2020 at

      You’re welcome my g🤗! I hope this helps 💞

  • Divine January 20, 2020 at

    Great post, I enjoyed reading this

    • Mbalenhle January 22, 2020 at

      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it ✨

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