22 Things I Am Grateful For | #Year22

If there’s one thing I cannot stop doing lately it has to be showing gratitude for every tinnie tiny thing that happens or that I think about at random so I thought it would be appropriate for me to do a Gratitude post for my 22nd birthday. Just like everyone, my life isn’t purely great but it sure does make me happy when I think of everything I have and every situation that has happened in my life that turned out to be a blessing in disguise or made me realise that things not working my way teach me better methods of doing things.

This year I turned 22, well today at 02.20am (or 02.25… mom is still unsure about when I was born hey). Honestly I feel like 22 and 23 are such weird ages – am I a baby or a full-grown adult? Am I supposed to have my shit together or can I still mindlessly run for a jumping castle when I see one? Haha. Enough about this though, here are the 22 Things I Am Grateful For…

  1. Endless opportunities that keep presenting themselves in my life.
  2. Friends I have made over social media through blogging who give me a sense of belonging.
  3. The growth of my blog which has helped build my confidence in writing.
  4. The beauty of nature and how it calms me down when I am overwhelmed.
  5. My ability to think and only focus on what I love to do.
  6. My sister who understands me and always there when I need to talk.
  7. My brother who is very protective of me and supports all my ideas and decisions.
  8. My mother who goes out of her way to make her children happy.
  9. My cell phone for connecting me with friends and family no matter how far they are.
  10. The internet for feeding my brain with helpful information every single day.
  11. My past for teaching me more than I learnt in high school and in university.
  12. Having enough courage to complete my degree even when it took a toll on me.
  13. Loyal subscribers to my blog that encourage me to keep going.
  14. Having a beautiful place to call home and food available everyday.
  15. Being able to see, hear, speak, walk and use my hands.
  16. Music for catering to every kind of person and lifting my mood when I am down.
  17. My friends for being consistent in supporting me and boosting my self-esteem.
  18. My friend, Amanda, for tolerating my nonsense for 12 years.
  19. Coming back home safe and sound every day.
  20. Getting the opportunity to watch my all-time favourite artist (Lauryn Hill) perform live.
  21. Strangers who throw around genuine compliments and keep it moving.
  22. Inspiration for never forsaking me, I always have something in mind to create or do.

That’s it for now,

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18 thoughts on “22 Things I Am Grateful For | #Year22

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by🤗! And yup, a whole 22! Haha. You know, there’s really nothing to be nervous about because in all honesty age is just a number that tells you how long you’ve been on earth 💕

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Mbalenhle! May God Almighty grant you many, many more. I enjoyed reading your post and lovely pictures. A heart of gratitude is definitely where the door for even greater blessings will flow. Stay blessed.

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