Plot Twist: Life is Actually Good

We grew up being told that life is tough, life will screw you over and at every bad situation you get told, “that’s life”! Is it really bad though or are we just constantly expecting the worst because we have given ‘life’ a reputation of being bad? 

Don’t we all just wish to have a life without any setbacks or disappointments? Yeah, but how realistic is that anyway? It’s pretty strange how we let bad days overpower the good days, think about it… When you think about your life overall and every event that has happened, do you normally think about good things? Highly unlikely. 

Well here’s the thing, life clearly wasn’t supposed to be all sunshine and rainbows because then what would we learn? How would we grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually? What stories would we have to tell? Just good stories? How boring. What will help you realise how far you’ve come if your life has always been good? The bad is necessary, the bad opens our minds to so many things, it shows us who to trust and who cannot be trusted and it teaches us how to respond to certain situations. 

Life was supposed to have ups and downs and we need to learn to appreciate them both. You probably have more bad days than good because you don’t wake up everyday expecting to have a good day, you don’t wake up with a positive attitude – you wake up feeling tired even though you had a 12-hour sleep.

Show gratitude. Be thankful for everything you have and everything that you are glad exists – as random as it may be, be grateful for having a phone because it connects you to your loved ones daily, your favourite shoes, your favourite person and be appreciative of the traits that make you a good person. Really start seeing the good in everything and keep in mind that no pain lasts forever unless you allow it to.

There is so much to learn, so many people to meet who will change your life and your perspective on some beliefs and there are so many places to visit which could potentially help you ‘find’ yourself. Don’t worry too much about what you don’t have right now, appreciate what you do have. If you are not happy with your current situation, don’t immerse yourself in negative thoughts because that won’t help you get out of it. Life is really not as bad as we have painted it to be and it’s not a race either, it’s merely a never-ending learning process that will eventually lead us to great things. 

24 thoughts on “Plot Twist: Life is Actually Good

  1. This is so true. I guess we are the only ones who make life more complicated than it actually is by trying to make it perfect. If we just accept the way it is, we’ll find out that it is actually good! Very beautiful post!

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  2. Omg this post. I needed it 😍 Thank you so much 🙏 I have bookmarked this post. Beautiful written lovely 💕 It’s just so true. Showing gratitude changes your life. I also agree that life is full of amazing things but also bad things but we will learn from that. We will never stop learning as you say. Life is full of beauty and is a beautiful mistery that doesn’t need to be perfect. We just have to feel everything and embrace it all.

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  3. If life was full of sunshine and rainbows we would eventually complain that the sun was to bright and the rainbows were the wrong colors.

    There’s no fun in life if we are not pushed. We need that challenge. We need that hurt. We need all of it. That’s how we learn.

    Good stuff as always.


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