Now is Not the Right Time

Ever felt like things are working against you and the universe isn’t doing much to actually help you? Ever wondered why things are taking so long to get right? Yeah? It’s all because it’s just not the right time. 

We plan our future in fine detail, we set goals and plan when they should be achieved, forgetting that life does not necessarily let us have it easy and that’s a good thing because setbacks give us more time to work on ourselves and our goals. Imagine if everything went smooth sailing for you, would you gain any knowledge? Would you have any mistakes to learn from? Would you learn to appreciate your achievements? Absolutely not.

Patience, that’s what life teaches us – mastering the art of being patient is the utmost important thing if you want to live without worry. Sometimes we plan to buy ourselves a car at a certain age but unemployment hinders us, we wish to find our perfect match or soulmate but we don’t meet anyone suitable for us the moment we seek them, we want to graduate like other kids but we just keep getting delayed. As difficult as it may be to accept this, the truth is that things don’t work out for us when we want them to because it’s just not the right time.

When we fail to be patient, we fall into the trap of settling for something below what we deserve and below what we have worked hard for. The main problem with settling is that as time progresses, we find ourselves getting comfortable with the bare minimum we are getting. Learn to wait, bearing in mind that it will all work out in the end. 

Sometimes hinderance can be good for us because when things don’t go our way at the time we wish they would, our frustration towards the delay changes us and we grow out of our initial ideas and develop better ones. Avoid comparing your progress to others because although they may progress much faster than you right now, their time will come too where they will experience a hectic setback while you flourish. 

Don’t worry yourself too much, it all works out in the end. Goals will be achieved, valuable lessons will be learnt and there will be stories to tell. Do yourself a favour – do not give up on that dream, do not stop chasing what you want. Accept failure, you will stumble countless times and you will come across obstacles that will hold you back from getting what you want but don’t let that get to you, just know that now is not the right time. When the time is right everything will fall into place. For now, live for today and take things as they come. One day at a time soldier, one day at a time.

38 thoughts on “Now is Not the Right Time

    1. I used to struggle with patience too and felt like everyone is progressing and I’m just put on hold. But as time went by, I learnt that nobody has it easy anyway, just gotta keep your head up and understand that everything is happening for a reason 🌼💖


  1. I absolutely LOVE this post! It’s so what I needed to read right now. Setbacks can be the greatest and most fulfilling time. I remember feeling gutted that i got turned down for a job and then a couple of months later, a better one came along.
    It’s what we do with our time in the moment of not achieving or not reaching where we wish, that determines the true outcome. x

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    1. Every setback happens for a good reason and we only ever realize this when we are blessed with something better than we originally dreamt of. This teaches us to have a positive outlook in life and appreciate every little victory 🌼💕💕

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  2. 👏👏👏Word Word I almost feel like dancing. So true Mbalenhle. Somewhere in the Bible it says “He Makes things beautiful in his time” God really delays us sometimes to let us plan and come out with a bang.

    I think we need to do something about this generation and the speed comparison no slowing down mentality. What do you think Ms Khuzwayo?

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    1. Thank you for making that reference to the bible because I honestly had no idea 💖. I totally think we should do something, but the question is what and how 🙆?


  3. This is wonderful!! So are you!! There is so much we can and should plan, but its not always in our control and we have to do our best with what God gives because He is ultimately in charge. He wants us to do well with what He allots us, but sometimes his decisions come with better results than our own. Hugs!!

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