20 Things I Have Learnt In 20 Years

[09 February] 20th Birthday
  1. It’s all in what you believe – If you believe that drinking water will heal you from the headache, it will.
  2. Chocolate is addictive.
  3. People on TV aren’t in the TV itself.
  4. There is so much beauty in the world but we have gotten used to looking at what’s wrong and all the flaws of the world.
  5. Sunflowers are huge, tall and one of the most beautiful flowers.
  6. It is alright and safe to live a life that very few people understand – it will help you sleep at night. Trying to keep up with how society says we should live our lives is very exhausting.
  7. The passing away of somebody close to us changes us but it isn’t hard to accept their death we just choose to be hung up on it hence hurting ourselves.
  8. Being your genuine self attracts those who are genuinely attracted to you.
  9. We value different things – an A+ might not mean anything to you but a C+ might mean something huge to another person.
  10. A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.
  11. Two people may spend the whole day together yet experience it differently.
  12. We are indirectly influenced by the people and pages we follow on social networks.
  13. Hugging a person who is hurt or crying only makes matters worse.
  14. It’s all about perspective – a sunset to someone might be an ending of a day, to someone else it could be the start of a new day.
  15. If you want to collab with Beyonce or Kanye go for it, email them. They might never read your email but at least if you never make it, you did your part.
  16. People find it hard to love themselves because they see perfection in other people.
  17. We are not the same person when we are hungry and when we are not hungry.
  18. Everything that happens to us (no matter how big or small it may be) is supposed to happen (even if it’s good or bad).
  19. ‘Being’ more is better than ‘having’ more.
  20. Time heals nothing. Only your mind can bring change.

35 thoughts on “20 Things I Have Learnt In 20 Years

  1. WOW, again, you are so calming to read – these are numbered bullet points but it feels so spiritual! I LOVE SUNFLOWERS! & I am a firm believer in mindset is EVERYTHING. 💋 p.s Love the thing about collab-ing with Beyonce or Kanye! thats a great mindset to have, being more is definitely better than having more! You go girl! 💕



  2. I am impressed with you young lady. You are bright and you seem to have very good ‘common sense’ for one so young. Congratulations on turning 20 earlier this month. I like your concepts on algebra/math, some of their theories have never made any logic to me either. I like most of your 20 points of knowledge/understanding. Who knows, you may grow into being one of the world’s top Philosophers.—ted

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  3. It cant be summarized in a better way!! Thank you so much for sharing with us..
    My favourite is “19.‘Being’ more is better than ‘having’ more”.

    have a great Day and God bless you!

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