12 Christmas Gifts from The Sill for Plant Lovers

November 29, 2021 in - 6 min read

You are here right now because you are tired of the race you have been having in your head trying to piece together Christmas gift ideas for everyone. I know, it’s exciting but also daunting! Well, here’s the thing, The Sill has all the gifts for your loved ones, especially those that love plants and you.

The Sill has been my go-to place for retail-therapy since 2020 when the pandemic started. It was supposed to be a one-time thing but now I am in a long-term relationship with the plants – the ones I have and the ones I don’t.

They have plants that are easy to care for so if you are a beginner and have this intense fear of killing plants, it shouldn’t be a concern for you anymore. The plants come with a straightforward, simple guide telling you about the plant, how much light it needs and how often to water it.

Not only do they offer the cutest plants and planters, they also have all the tools and resources you would need to become the best plant parent you can be. Enough from me though, see it for yourself – I have put together 12 Christmas-gift items from The Sill that you are pretty guaranteed to make everyone happy…

1 | Norfolk Island Pine

This pine plant, as its name suggests, comes from Norfolk Island – an island on the outskirts of Australia. It is perfect as a gift around this time because it can be used as an actual Christmas tree, one you get to keep afterwards too. No need to worry about getting a plastic tree or a real tree to decorate the house with this time around. The Norfolk Island pine serves as a real tree that can be also used for decoration afterwards – simply loosely hang some polaroid pictures on them and you have yourself something like a family tree.

2 | Monstera deliciosa

The face of an influencer and pinterest plants – ladies and gentlemen, the Monstera! If you know someone who is all about the ✨aesthetics✨ in your life, then you stand a chance at being the one to give the the best Christmas gift this year. The Monstera is known as the ‘swiss cheese plant’ – you know how swiss cheese has those holes on them? That’s where the Monstera got its nickname from, it also grows leaves that have holes in them – this is perfectly normal and healthy. This plant is also best because it can tolerate low light and also bright light. I recently realized that mine likes being in the sun and the leaves always lean towards the window where the sun is, so don’t be afraid to put it in the sun.

3 | ZZ plant

Underrated, completely underrated indoor plant. The Zamioculcas zamiifolia, which is best known as the ZZ because it’s scientific name is a tad bit much for all of us, has bold green leaves that can be easily mistaken as faux until you actually touch them. The ends of the plant are sharp, just like the letter Z. The ZZ is underrated due to it’s novel appearance. It is perfect as a Christmas gift because during this time, there is minimal to no light from the sun and the ZZ thrives in low light and it’s also low maintenance.

4 | Snake plant

Possibly the goat of all plants – the Snake plant. If the Snake plant was a human being, it would be that creative, smart kid in class that always sits in the corner. They sit there minding their own business and don’t want to be bothered; when bothered, they are pretty friendly. That’s the Snake plant in a nutshell. It is majestic, you just can’t miss it in the room – it grows upwards and adds a special feature to any room.

5 | Assorted Air plants

Air plants are by far the most interesting plants – they do not need soil to grow. Yup, they just need air and water. All you need to do is dunk them in room-temperature water once a week for 15-30 minutes; shake the water off once done and decorate with them again. Air plants always look good in holders attached to the wall, they need bright but indirect light to thrive.

6 | Aglaonema wishes

Spoil your loved ones with this bright pink indoor plant to add some color to this upcoming gloomy season. The Aglaonema wishes is said to bring luck and positivity in the homes of those who own it, making this an amazing Christmas gift for anyone you are wishing success for this coming year.

7 | Marble Queen Pothos

One thing about pothos, they will remind you that you can grow exponentially once you start being open-minded about life and all the possibilities out there. Why is this so? Pothos grow outside their boundaries (the planter) and go wherever they wish, trailing down the wall, bookshelf and macrame hangers. They know no limits and they will not be contained and confined. Gift this to someone who you want to encourage to step out of their comfort zone.

8 | Garden kit

Yes, The Sill offers the best quality plants out there and you know what else? They don’t leave you in the dark if you are new to this parenting world. So, if you are looking to ‘recruit’ someone to being a plant parent this holiday season, you should get them the garden kit. This kit includes the essential tools you need for indoor plants and outdoor gardening; hand gloves, trowel (mini spade) and a machine-washable canvas bag to store the tools.

9 | The Pilea

This plant is also known as the Chinese money plant because it is believed to bring luck and fortune to those who nurture it. The leaves are shaped like a coin and a lily, they grow outwards but stay rooted together; although not firmly because it you are not too careful, you could accidentally pluck out a stem. The pilea is one of the cutest plants to have and what makes it even cuter are the little babies they have over time around the big main plant. You can carefully take the babies out and replant them in a different pot.

10 | Succulent Assortment

Succulents are best known for their drought tolerance; not only can they survive without water for a long time but they also actually grow without water. This is a great gift as it is low maintenance. You can choose from 3, 6 or 12 succulents; they do best in bright direct light, making them best for windowsills. However, they also thrive on hanging shelves that receive light throughout the day.

11 | Large Majesty Palm

This is a perfect indoor tree for those who want to give their home a hint of ‘jungle’. No worries, although it can grow as big as 10 feet, it grows very slow and gradually. Majesty palm trees are known to represent peace, blessings and protection. They make great indoor plants because they are easy to care for and they add some drama to the house; the good kind of drama.

12 | Classic Plant Subscription Box

Looking to really go above and beyond for the plant lover in your life? Well, enough of that because The Sill offers monthly subscriptions boxes where the gifted receives a new plant every month. These plants are easy to take care of; they come in cute ceramic planters and will keep plant lovers excited to see what will pop up at their house every month. When I first had the idea of becoming a plant parent, I subscribed to The Sill’s monthly subscription box and 15 plants later, I am in a much happier place mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Taking care of plants is part of self-care. Plants are literally a reflection of you; if you have been neglecting yourself and feeling low, it will show in your plants. This is why plants make such amazing Christmas gifts. They are versatile, beautiful and spark different emotions to everyone.

With this gifting guide, you will be crowned the one person who understood the assignment. For being the best at Christmas gifting, you will get $10 off your first purchase from The Sill with my referral code – RAFLCQRK6AZ. Be sure to reward yourself with a plant or two too – you earned it!


  • Moya Anne December 1, 2021 at

    I don’t know anything about plant but “The Pilea” is saying my name and I’m adding it to my list 😍😍

    • Mbalenhle December 5, 2021 at

      You absolutely need to get it! It’s the cutest🥺

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